​​​​One or two paragraphs can be written about how sustainability forms part of the operation of the cluster, in the activities of the members and what sustainability means to the cluster (this will be increasingly popular in the future, so it is worth addressing this issue.) 

The implementation of sustainability has outstanding importance for the management of the MSE cluster and its members alike. Sustainable development and climate change are issues that are associated with the area of sports as well as the operation of organisations. Therefore, it is our priority goal to follow the rules of sustainability in operating the cluster and share this knowledge with the members of the cluster in the form of training courses and good practices.

The MSE cluster is committed to realising sustainability and green growth, e.g. in reducing paper use and introducing electronic services as widely as possible, which we will continuously develop in the future, and we will strive to work together with companies dedicated to green thinking. We support initiatives that increase sustainability in the sports cluster, and in this spirit we will do our best to make our events more sustainable (e.g. reduction of waste, sustainable organisation of events, etc.).