Debrecen, Vágóhíd u. 2. 6. épület 2. emelet, 4034 Magyarország

Sightspot Network Ltd.

We started our operation in the IT sector in Debrecen in 2012, but over the years our activity has grown beyond the border of the citys: our customers can also find us in remote parts of the country, as information technology solutions are efficient regardless of localization. We are committed to the project management approach that allows us to meet the needs of many customers in parallel.

Our developers have decades of experience in system design, software development and operation in a specialized IT field, healthcare informatics. We apply this experience not only in developing healthcare systems but also in research and development in projects at national level.

Our key partner is the University of Debrecen, most of whose websites are maintained by our company, and we also serve the organization, competing with the size of a city, by developing other, unique softwares. Some of these are related to education and research, but we also have solutions to help students or for event organization.

In addition, there are important university-related projects, not for education and health care, but as part of the university's "third mission" activities, typically in the field of active leisure and sports, in which the focus is on the relationship of the local community and the university.

We believe that technology is only effective if the human is at its center, as the user determines the basis of any IT system. If a development is useful, simple, meets the needs but at the same time uses the most modern technology required internationally, it saves the customer resources in the long run, which can be devoted to development.

Our products include applications for companies owned by the city of Debrecen and for several universities and also for the entertainment and sports. Our custom web applications - based on the needs of the customer-  use our own design and softwear development applying the latest technologies, be it in the education, government, healthcare or industrial sectors.

R&D: in the last 5 years we have participated in several health and education projects as applicants or implementers in image and document processing using artificial intelligence technologies. Our goal is continuous innovation and the use of our own, unique research results in our applications and developments.

Our CMS-based and complex web systems, even the design and development of web stores, allow us to support the public processes of our partners. As a cross-platform solution, a mobile application can also be connected to content management systems.

One of the main strengths of our company is the creation of mobile applications, which is confirmed by the high number of downloads and high scores given by users. An essential part of the softwear development is the unique design, which is always designed and implemented according to the customer's needs.

We provide a web administration interface for our applications, and depending on the contract, we also undertake full-scale data import and operation. We offer our solutions on both android and iOS platforms, following the entire lifecycle of publishing.