Debrecen, Csemete u. 20, 4026 Magyarország

Szinapszis Market Research & Consulting Ltd.

Szinapszis was founded in 1998 and has been operating as a full-service provider agency from the beginning. Our main expertise is healthcare, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. The HQ is in Hungary with 3 offices, covering whole Europe (mostly CEE) with our services.

Szinapszis is the only Hungary member of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA), and we also have an ESOMAR member. We comply with their code of ethics and recommendations and we apply them during our everyday work. In multinational researches we cooperate closely with our partners from GLOBAL and BIG international market research associations.

Szinapszis is a member of Quercus Consulting Group with the same private ownership, the member companies cooperate in synergy providing integrated services. Profiles of member companies: market research, mystery shopping, consulting and trainings, offline and online marketing solutions, creative and media agency services and own media-portfolio operation, content marketing, development of websites and mobile applications.

Market Research: Szinapszis is a full-service market research agency providing innovative services for their clients and data collection for market research partners as well.

Consulting: due to our industry knowledge and experience gained by healthcare and pharmaceutical researches, we also offer personalised expert decision-supporting consulting for our customers.

Databases: Szinapszis has a licensed and GDPR compliant database of physicians, pharmacists and other HCPs. This database includes nearly 35 000 records in Hungary with almost 100% coverage.

Call-center: Szinapszis’ own Call Center has 100 workstations with 30 FTE operators experienced in B2B and healthcare researches and communication.

Szinapszis Pharma: Szinapszis has a strong focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We conduct primary and desk researches in all major therapeutic areas of the pharmaceutical markets (nearly 30 specialities, around 100 types of illnesses) of Rx and OTC drugs.

Publications and our branded products: Szinapszis constantly provides data, research results and studies for the market from self-financed researches. Part of these have been published or accessible on our website for free and some can be purchased.