Debrecen, Kartács u. 053/2, 4032 Magyarország

Equistran Academy of Debrecen

The main activity of the Debrecen Equestrian Academy is to provide the necessary infrastructure for the equestrian training of the students of the University of Debrecen. We operate two covered riding tracks, an outdoor riding track, a complete and modern obstacle course, a training room, social rooms, two enclosed paddocks and a treadmill for riders. The soil of our covered riding tracks is provided by a mixture of glass sand and geotextile, which we take care of on a daily basis. In addition, we provide maintenance for external horses and equestrian education for interested children. Two hucul, two Connemara horses and one gidran horse are available for children’s riding lessons.  Our instructors are trained, experienced professionals who can prepare those interested in equestrian sports from beginner level to the start license exam. The Equestrian Academy also provides an opportunity for students of the University of Debrecen to complete their Physical Education semester within the framework of riding lessons. We provide high school students from many local and surrounding settlements with the opportunity to complete mandatory community service classes. Taking into account the needs of the equestrian society, we organize competitions, occasionally hold open trainings, and organize camps for primary school children in the summer.

Services of the Debrecen Equestrian Academy:

- Horse keeping

- Equestrian education from beginner to advanced level

- Organizing a summer camp

- Completion of the semester of physical education for the University students by horseback riding

- Competition organization

Taking into account the experience of recent years, there is an increased demand for each of our activities.