Debrecen, Nagyerdei park, Nagyerdei krt., 4032 Magyarország

Debrecen Football Academy

The aim of our academy is to implement football, including youth training, in line with the development strategy of the Hungarian Football Association, to play a professional leadership role in the north-eastern Hungarian region beyond Debrecen, and to include Hungarian areas beyond the border in its complex training and development program. Thereby we focus on training and educating young footballers who are able to play football at a high level in adulthood. We are aware of the fact that not all of our players will become professional footballers, but in addition to football training at our academy, we will try to pass on values ​​to young people with the aim of making future fans, leaders, sports patrons and amateur athletes from our players. The priority of Debrecen Football Academy is to continuously train the professional players for the first team of DVSC as the main background institution of the club and to be the number one supply base for the adult team. Our academy received the best academic qualification according to the MLSZ qualification procedure, based on the Belgian Double Pass report in 2014, and we kept this title later. Our academy is an ideal place for preparation for trainings of professional teams, adult and youth teams, and friendly tournaments also.

DLA Utánpótlás Nevelő Nonprofit Kft. provides health promotion including the organization of regular exercise and sports activities, and promotes the search for recognition and professional, scientific, artistic and sports activities of students with outstanding abilities and attitudes. In addition to the above, we co-operate with state and municipal bodies dealing with physical education and sports, social and other organizations, especially educational institutions. The public benefit activities of our company include education and training, skills development, and dissemination of knowledge. Debrecen Football Academy Nonprofit Ltd. is the owner and operator of the superstructures located in the territory of the academy, the area is leased from the University of Debrecen, which is the asset manager of the area. DLA Utánpótlás Nevelő Nonprofit Kft. uses the facility on the basis of a lease agreement concluded with the Debrecen Football Academy Nonprofit Kft. where our teams prepare for the competitions. The coordination of elite training and professional work is the task of DLA Utánpótlás Nevelő Kft. In our company 354 players are licensed to play this season from the category U6 to U19. Our players, as well as the adult team of DVSC, can prepare for the games between the most modern training conditions, thus we can stay even closer to the international elite set as a benchmark. The infrastructural framework is provided for the creation of high quality professional work.