The Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster was founded in May 2011.

The main purpose of the cluster is to promote and co-ordinate the cooperation of the small and medium-sized enterprises, educational, municipal, R+D profile institutions interested in sport and health promotion, and to exploit the potential of the cooperation.

Our aims:

  • The development the background of professional sports and reinforcement: sports health, funding, organization development,
  • The support of the practical utilization of the R+D results achieved on the sector of sports and health promotion,
  • The popularization and marketing of healthy living, food and sports,
  • Common professional training programmes, preparation of sports events,
  • On basis of common development strategy, joint action to attracting the partners and resources to the region as well as to keep them,
  • Coordination of logistic means and tourism infrastructure that can be connected to professional and amateur sports, increase of utilization,

Initiative strategic cooperation with other domestic and foreign clusters, associations, clubs, economic representations.