4032 Debrecen, Böszörményi út 138.

MAG Praktikum Nonprofit Ltd

The mission of MAG PRAKTIKUM Nonprofit Kft. is to help train and recruit professionals in the field of the economic, agricultural and sports economy. To this end, its activities include internship organization as well as recruitment.

The main profile of the MAG PRAKTIKUM Internship Organizer Centre is the organization of internship programmes, and the coordination of interns and their reception points, as well as easing the administrative burden of the reception points participating in the programme.

MAG Praktikum assumes a central coordinating role in matching the professional, financial, administrative and other expectations, capacities, abilities and skills of students, internships, and higher education institutions. Our employees can significantly facilitate the performance of tasks related to the organization of internships through preparing contracts, coordinating registration tasks and carrying out communicating activities.

One of the main missions of MAG Praktikum is to help find and coordinate the needs of different economic and social organizations and the opportunities of higher education institutions to build and continuously nurture an effective, fruitful relationship in the long term. We are therefore currently in contact with over 2,000 organizations, including a number of sports organizations.

In 2016, the company opened a new division called MagHR Solutions, whose main profile is primarily recruitment (recruitment-selection / classic head-hunting). In the current labour competition situation, we use unique resources and databases enabling us to easily reach passive job seekers too. The quality of our services is ensured by our experienced, dynamic consultants, thanks to whose activities we can always adapt to the needs of the partner company.

One of our main activities is the organization of internships. Every year we organize internships for 800-1,000 students in over 15 majors for our Hungarian and international students. In addition, our organization performs educational and organizational tasks within the framework of several projects. 

The other activities are recruitment, selection, head-hunting, organizational consultancy.