4028 Debrecen, Mikes Kelemen utca 4.

Hajdú Police Sport Association

The Hajdú Police Sport Association (HRSE) was established in 2010 with the aim of developing police sport, strengthening community relations as well as motivating young people and preparing them for the law enforcement profession, while raising the profile of the law enforcement profession, which occupies a central place in the organisation’s activity. 

It is our association’s mission to build a bridge between law enforcement authorities and civil society groups. Therefore, our community demonstrates a great deal of openness towards non-professionals and its membership includes civilians besides law enforcement staff who are given an important role, thus strengthening their sense of social responsibility.

The activity of HRSE has eight pillars.  Besides the training held in its sports division, it organises sports and other events, while pursuing educational, training and charity activities as well as running vitality, school and cooperation-based programmes and a creative workshop.

Thanks to the contribution of our association’s 240 volunteers, some 20 events are organised and held, while numerous charity events are realised annually. 

Our volunteers typically participate in 150-160 volunteer and charity events per year.

Our popular events are the Exercise is Power Sports Day series, the Bridge to Safety Programme, the Spartan 300 International Police Championship, the National Police Cross Challenge, the Concept2 Ergothlon Challenge, the Blue Lamp Angling Olympics, the Police Volleyball Mix Cup, the BeStrong Fitness Park Championships, the Ferenc Plajner Memorial Competition and the PrevenTour Running and Hiking Cup.

As a supporting member of the Debrecen Charity Corps, our association regularly participates in the charity programmes organised by the City of Debrecen with County Rights, while also pursuing significant charity activities on its own. 

The most popular training programmes at our sports division are athletics, volleyball, functional fitness and nine-pin bowling. In these sports we have a nationwide sports division membership and our sportsmen are regularly ranked high in various amateur and association-level competitions.

Through participating in the Hungarian Sport and Lifestyle Development Cluster, our association can be a member of a dynamic community with great potential, which will significantly enhance our success.