About Clusters

The clusters are the exploitations of the „local” advantages for „global” challenges:
  • To take the competition with multinational firms
  • To accomplish common cluster strategy
  • Competition and exportability, innovation, increase the value-added ration
  • Faster information and knowledge flow › fast industrial adaptation – efficient R+D+I
  • Sharing of duty, work and costs
  • Increase of domestic and international reputation
  • Wide range of services – common entry to market
  • The growth and stability of enterprises

The advantages of cluster operation coming from geographical nearness:
  • Joint procurement of energy, raw materials, semi-finished products and technology
  • Common use and development of the infrastructure
  • Availability of skilled labour, common training, further training
  • Availability and attracting (venture) capital
  • Decrease of transaction costs, exploitation of logistic advantages
  • The presence of suppliers and the attracting others
  • Attracting customers and serving them on higher quality and added value
  • Regulatory environment, forming of economic and supporting policy (common lobby, joint action)

The Sport Diagnostic, Lifestyle- and Therapy Center has opened its gates
2017-01-15 - 23:37:35

Campus Sport Fest 2016
2017-01-15 - 23:37:14

The MSE Cluster Ltd. received 28.459.200 HUF grant for accomplishing "Implementing an unique range of services for the operation of Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster" project. Project starts 01.01.2012, ends 06.30.2013.
Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster
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