Introducing Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster


To promote and co ordinate the cooperation of the small and medium sized enterprises, educational, municipal, R+D profile institutions interested in sport and health promotion, and to exploit the potential of the cooperation.


  • Developing the background of professional sports and reinforcement: sports health, funding, organization development,
  • The support of the practical utilization of the R+D results achieved on the sector of sports and health promotion,
  • Popularization and marketing of healthy living, food and sports,
  • Common professional training programmes , preparation of sports
  • On basis of common development strategy, joint action to attracting the partners and resources to the region as well as to keep them,
  • Coordination of logistic means and tourism infrastructure that can be connected to professional and amateur sports, increase of utilization,
  • Initiative strategic cooperation with other domestic and foreign clusters, associations, clubs, economic representations.


  • Gathering and sharing the information concerning the cluster and the cluster members
  • Organization of events related to sports and healthy living,
  • Managing the Nagyerdei Football Stadium in Debrecen
  • Advice to the cluster members (R+D, tenders, best practices, generation and managing of projects, business planning)
  • The enhancement of the cooperation between the members, the quest of new cooperative possibility and creation of business opportunities,
  • Cluster representation and professional interest representation
  • Introducing sport health care services (medical, doping, regeneration, rehabilitation) in collaboration with the University of Debrecen
  • Cross Cluster Cooperation with other clusters in the field of sport and lifestyle
  • Sports marketing, market analyzing and researching activity, creation of a common image
  • Active member of the European Platform for Sport Innovation


SmartSports4GoodLife (COSME): The project aims to promote cooperation and collaboration among the sports clusters to provide and create new business opportunities for SMEs and strengthen Clusters management capacities, transferring knowledge to SMEs through the following activities

  • SWOT analysis of the sport industry and the Clusters
  • Mapping clusters complementarities
  • Questionnaire and interviews with cluster members to define the individual and common cluster strategy
  • Webinars and training workshops , B2B anc C2C networking events
  • Exchange visits
  • Publications about the cluster and the project


Inno4Sports (INTERREG Europe, PGI05481): Inno4Sports brings together five regions that all share the ambition to address a common objective, namely to improve the performance and efficiency of development programmes that are able to support sports clusterisation processes based on quadruple helix cooperation, and by doing so, promote the innovative value chains of sports. MSE Cluster Ltd. together with University of Debrecen, Institute of Sport Sciences deveop an action plan on how a chosen policy instrument can be improved to support sport innovation in the region.

MSE Cluster's tasks beside acion planning are the followings:

  • Organization stakeholder group meetings involving all relevant actors from the region and from the relevant Ministry
  • Elaboration of the Regional State of Affair in terms of sport, sport economy and sport innovation
  • Broad dissmination activities with the support of EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation
  • Learning activities through staff exchange weeks
  • Collecting good practices
  • Improving policy instrument
  • Organization of partner meeting
  • Participation on partner meetings and study visits


Strengthening the services of MSE Cluster on domestic and international markets (GINOP 1.3.2 15 2016 00008)

  • Conducting a market research
  • Purchase of databases related to sports rehablitiation and youth training
  • Developing a mobile application related to sports events and sports facilities
  • Organizing English language and communication courses for cluster members
  • Marketing activites
  • Participation at international fairs and exhibitions related to sports industry
  • Orgazining international B2B meetings and workshops in Bucharest , Milan, Cracow and Debrecen
  • Organizing an international conference in Debrecen
  • Gaining the Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative


  1. Campus ESP Kft.
  2. Campus Rádió Nonprofit Kft.
  3. Cívis Kosárlabda Klub Kft.
  4. Corpus Fittnes Studio Kft.
  5. CTS-Informatika Kft.
  6. Debreceni Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.
  7. Debreceni Egyetem
  8. Debreceni Egyetem Atlétikai Club Sport Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.
  9. Debreceni Labdarúgó Akadémia Nonprofit Kft.
  10. Debreceni Lovasakadémia Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.
  11. Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion-Üzemeltető Kft.
  12. Debreceni Sportcentrum Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.
  13. DVSC Futball Szervező Zrt.
  14. Enterprise Communications Magyarország Kft.
  15. Észak-Alföld Fejlődéséért Egyesület
  16. Fiatalok Szövetsége az Egészséges Jövőért Közhasznú Sportegyesület
  17. Hajdú Rendészeti Sportegyesület
  18. INNOVA Észak-Alföld Nonprofit Kft.
  19. KATKER 2005 Kft.
  20. LittleShark Marketing Kft.
  21. MAG Praktikum Kft.
  22. Médiacentrum Debrecen Kft.
  23. MEDYAG Kft.
  24. MSE Magyar Sport- és Életmódfejlesztő Klaszter Kft.
  25. Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
  26. SANOR Consulting Kft.
  27. SCITEC Sport- és Táplálkozástudományi Intézet Kft.
  28. Sightspot Network Kft.
  29. Szinapszis Kft.
  30. Teqball Kft.
  31. UD Infopark Nonprofit Kft.


Brand new stadium (2014) with big public investment

  • Capacity: 20 340 person
  • Part of stadium boom of Hungary, debate of politics
  • Demand for Hungarian football - lack of fans
  • Location of the stadium - not typically for commercial goals, but very close to the University of Debrecen
    How can we utilise this modern infrastructure for more efficiently?
  • Role of Uinversity of Debrecen with MSE Cluster
    • Find an opportunity to rent and make investment in the outside-ring of the stadium for different sport-, lifestyle- and cultural activities
    • Coordinate cooperation among cluster members operating the facility


"On match-free days it is a plaza ensuring entertainment, mass sport and chilling out in an idyllic environment. On match days it is a super stadium. These is how we can concisely sum up the essence of the Nagyerdei Stadion, a service center open every day of the year. It was in Debrecen that he fashionable, early 21st century idea was incarnated and gave birth in 2014 to a multifunctional establishment that has been operating ever since in the "Cívis city."  


Unifit Fitness Gym Center is the most complex Lifestyle Center in Debrecen due to innovative equipment and qualified employee team, located in the Nagyerdei Stadium Besides it is located in a beautiful relaxing environment 

  • 5 fitness room
  • 20 personal trainer
  • 2600 nm area
  • 200 fitness equipment
  • 6 sport
  • 800 physical education

Fitness | Wellness | Training for groups | Personal training | Massage | Squash | Boulder | Free parking | Nursery


The Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle and Therapy Center is a unique institution in its complexity both in Hungary and in Eastern Europe. The investment was carried out by the University of Debrecen which ensures a strong academical, research and medical background for the Center.

The first phase of the construction was finished in 2016 and the second phase in 2018. The Center offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services, physiotherapy methods and diagnostics services, a speed lab, a speed court and and x-ray among others.

There was a need for the above mentioned services from cluster members, but they didn't have the possibility to establish them on their own. MSE Cluster participated in finding the solution and provide such services in one Center which are available for cluster members too.


  • Ultrasound Scan
  • Laboratory Tests 
  • 24 Hours Blood Pressure Monitoring 
  • Exercise EKG 
  • Boody Composition Analysis


  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Ultrasonic Treatments
  • Cryosauna
  • Iontophoresis
  • Electrotherapy
  • Magnotherapy
  • Game-Ready treatment


  • Cardiology 
  • Spiroergometry 
  • FMS test 
  • Movement analysis 
  • Shoulder Press Test 
  • Leg Press Test 
  • Laboratory Tests


  • Checkup of new employees
  • Medical checkup for driver's license
  • Medical consultation and checkup on site
  • Laboratory Tests


  • Thyroid Diagnostics
  • Tumormarker Test
  • Ultrasound Scans
  • Cardiology
  • Body Composition Test
  • Spiroergometry
  • Personalized Packages


  • FMS test
  • Spineliner
  • Spinal Exercises
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy
  • McKenzie Method
  • Schroth Method
  • Obes Method

The Sport Diagnostic, Lifestyle- and Therapy Center has opened its gates
2017-01-15 - 23:37:35

Campus Sport Fest 2016
2017-01-15 - 23:37:14

The MSE Cluster Ltd. received 28.459.200 HUF grant for accomplishing "Implementing an unique range of services for the operation of Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster" project. Project starts 01.01.2012, ends 06.30.2013.
Hungarian Sport- and Lifestyle Development Cluster
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